Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Building Models and Texture WIP

Just continuing to touch up some older pieces, and examples for school.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Craftsman Style Bungalow

I used to live in this craftsman style bungalow from the twenties. It didn’t have quite as much sag in the roof or windows as I put into this model. This digital version was something I made on my own. Later, I dropped this into Unreal when I was working at Midway on an unproduced Zombie game.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DCUniverse Work - Part 4 - The JLA Watchtower

The JLA Watchtower was the first level in production where I was the Interior Environment Lead. The bulk of my contribution was world building and lighting.  The work was split among several artists.  The images shown here are levels I either built out of the modular pieces, or later relit after another artist had made a first pass.

DCUniverse Work - Part 3 - Player Safehouses

I did a lot of hands on world building and lighting with the player safehouses. More so the Hero Police Stations then the villains.

Once Design locked down the location of The Flash in the Little Bohemia Police Station I built out the space around him to give it a more exciting look. I added a lot of computers, and cables from the ceiling. I also added places for the cables to terminate on the walls to help ground them in the scene.

I applied a similar treatment when we decided to add holograms to the levels.

The doorway on the bottom right has a chain link metal frame inside it. I built that piece to bring the scale of the room down to the players size.
In corridors I added dummy doors to nowhere, that helped sell the Police Station location
Working to address scale again I worked with the other artists to add railings and decorative elements to bring the level to life, and add a nice layer of visual noise.

DCUniverse Work - Part 2 - Digitizer Pod

I modeled the digitizer pod from the tutorial level. Unfortunately my duties as Iinterim Environment Lead kept me from finishing the texture. Ryan Rude took over for me, and did an amazing job with the texture. Jason Bretz did the material work for the body in the pod.
I was able to finish the texture for the hoses though. It's a little thing, but it looks a lot cooler then the standard ribbed hose you see through the rest of the game.

DCUniverse Work - Part 1 - Cape Carmine Lighthouse

One map I did the bulk of the work on was the Cape Carmine Lighthouse.

As always I received a block out from Design,

Mike Pedro Painted up a fantastic painting for me to work off of,

I world built the map using existing assets

I then lit the level to match the concept.
For game play reasons the level looks different in the final game.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jake Zilla Process

My son drew this neat dinosaur.
I really loved the shape and proportions so when we were drawing together I toyed with the shape a bit.
Later I worked up this study in Brushes on my ipod touch.
I started with the body...
moved onto the head...
now I've started painting the texture in Brushes on the ipod.
I've updated the texture further. Also I've included a shaded wireframe version.

Mask Process Images

I started off with a rough concept...
modeled out the mesh in Max...
then took the UV layout into the brushes app on my ipod and started painting the texture
I'm bouncing between a couple of different projects right now. Their being used as examples for my classes at the Art Institute.