Friday, March 29, 2013

Animation Tests

I've been playing with Animation Creator ever since I got a Smart Phone.  I've finally turned some of them into gif files.

This was one of the early anims I did.  It was after I received a Stylus for Father's Day.

This next one was a way to kill time when I was stuck waiting for something.

And of course there is The Batman.  This one I did waiting in line for a movie.  It wasn't a Batman Movie.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Recent Thumbnails

Here's a couple more thumbnails that are from the last week:

Summer Event Props

Last year I made a couple of props for our Summer Event Boss Fight.  It was Atlantis Themed so I wanted to incorporate some marine life as art.  I had an idea for an angler light that I sketched up:

I then created some reference sketches to model from:

Once modeled I painted up a texture:

I also felt like the scene could use a seahorse so I sketched up some reference:

Then I modeled and textured it:


Been a while, so wanted to get some newer images up.  I'll start with some thumbnail sketches I painted up on the iPhone using the brushes app.